Together as people, we Tasmanians have developed an incredibly unique spirit and personality. On this island, you'll probably remember the places you visit, but you'll never forget the people you meet.

Our unique disposition shines through five distinct Tasmanian character traits:

  • Colourful & Quirky
  • Hearty & Resilient
  • Curious & Creative
  • Grounded, Yet Exceptional
  • Fighting Believer

Each of our 114 rooms reflects one of these five Tasmanian character traits through its design and furnishing - you'll really begin to understand what makes us Tasmanian. Each room also tells the story of a character who exemplifies that trait, taking you even deeper into the psyche of this intriguing destination.

All this in a setting of informal luxury, where everything you touch in these exquisite over-sized rooms is of the highest quality... but without the pretence. These designer lounges were made to be lounged on.

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