Seaplane Experience

Hobart Seaplane Experience

Discover Tasmania like never before with the Hobart Seaplane Experience, provided by Above & Beyond, Tasmania’s sole seaplane tour operator. This exceptional adventure starts from Kings Pier Marina, located directly outside the luxurious MACq 01 on Hobart’s iconic waterfront

Tasmania is world famous for its pristine natural beauty and spectacular landscapes, offering a rare opportunity to be admired from the air with Above & Beyond. They provide scenic flights and charters that take you soaring over rugged coastlines, dense forests, and sparkling waters, ensuring an exhilarating journey from start to finish.

The Seaplane Experience is not just about aerial views; it’s an invitation to touch down in some of Tasmania’s most breathtaking locations. Whether exploring the remote south-west wilderness or the sunny shores of the East Coast, every landing promises a new adventure. Offering everything from a quick 10-minute amphibious experience to extended explorations, Above & Beyond ensures each moment is unforgettable, perfect for treating yourself or someone special to an extraordinary day out.

Positioned at the heart of your adventure, MACq 01 serves as the ideal base for those embarking on seaplane flights in Hobart. With Above & Beyond’s operations nearby, guests of MACq 01 can transition from the comfort of their luxurious room to the excitement of the skies within minutes. 

Staying at MACq 01 not only means enjoying seamless access to these unique seaplane tours but also unwinding in luxurious waterfront accommodations that offer stunning views, reflecting the natural beauty experienced from above. The hotel’s location also allows guests to delve into Hobart’s rich culture and history effortlessly, making it an integral part of the Tasmanian adventure.

To truly elevate your visit to Tasmania, consider combining the thrill of the Hobart Seaplane Experience with the comfort and elegance of MACq 01. This combination allows for an exploration of Tasmania’s beauty from both land and air, crafting an unforgettable journey across this magnificent island. Book your stay today.


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