• QANTAS Australian Tourism Awards Winner 2018 “Deluxe Accommodation”
  • Australian Hotels Association National Awards for Excellence Winner 2018 “Best Superior Accommodation” and “Overall Hotel of the Year – Accommodation”
  • Gourmet Traveller Australian Hotel Awards Winner 2018 “Best Large Hotel” and “Best Minibar”


The breeze along Hobart’s waterfront carries a thousand captivating stories of those that were here before us – a cast of remarkable characters, each with an intriguing story to tell. In this place, the Mouheneenner people fished and forged dreams in the Derwent shallows; the first Europeans set foot ashore Van Diemen’s Land and an industry was borne amid the bustle of Hunter Island. Today, this precinct is home to MACq 01 where the stories of these colourful characters are shared in a setting of informal luxury. This is a storytelling hotel.


From our Rooms to our Hosted Luxury Suites, each is inspired by a Tasmanian character whose story is not just told, but radiates through individual room design. Your character can be heard, seen, touched and ultimately felt – every story reflecting one of the five uniquely Tasmanian character traits.

87 Rooms, 27 Suites and 114 unique character stories.


Stories are best shared over food. For our ancestors, it was an opportunity to pass traditions to a new generation. European explorers gathered around maps with a warming nip of whisky to plot their next voyage. Today, we invite you to gather by our modern-day campfire and share your own stories over Tasmania’s finest fare.

Welcome to the neighbourhood

MACq 01’s locale has changed as much as it remains the same. Beneath our concrete, the hardship and seduction of Hunter Island is buried. Yet today, working fishing boats still bob in the docks, kunanyi (Mount Wellington) remains an ever-present forefather and a firm sense of community continues to bind us island dwellers. Venture out into our neighbourhood – nothing’s too far away.

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