Storytelling Tour

A woman with an antique looking book, storytelling to two female tourists

Welcome to Hobart, Tasmania, where history comes alive through captivating tales and hidden secrets. As you explore this charming city, we invite you to immerse yourself in the rich narratives of Tasmania’s past with our exclusive Storytelling Tours.

Our Master Storyteller and their dedicated team have unearthed tales that were once thought lost in time. Handpicked as guardians of Tasmania’s history, these engaging individuals possess a unique gift for storytelling that will transport you through the annals of the past, igniting your imagination at every turn.

History Tours

Embark on the 114 Doors Tour, a journey that guides you through the patchwork of stories and characters residing in MACq 01’s hallways. Uncover the mysteries that linger behind each door and immerse yourself in the vibrant tapestry of Tasmania’s history.

For those with a penchant for intrigue, the Sticky Stones & Secrets Tour awaits. Venture behind the scenes of the historic Hunter Street buildings, exploring hidden haunts and hangouts. Delve into the secrets of the jam factory, discovering sticky surprises and untold stories that resonate through time.


Time Travel with Hidden Hobart: The Viewfinder Tour

Take a unique journey from Old Wharf to New Wharf with the Hidden Hobart: The Viewfinder Tour. Utilise retro viewfinders to time travel, comparing the world through the eyes of those who stood in the same spots between 35 and 150 years earlier. Experience the evolution of Hobart in a truly immersive and nostalgic history tour.


Yarn with Allan Experience: A First Nations Perspective

Join Allan Mansell on a profound journey as he shares stories of his life as a First Nations man of Tasmania with the Yarn with Allan Experience. This is an opportunity to forge a deeper understanding of Tasmania’s past and present connections, bridging cultural gaps through shared narratives.

For guests of MACq 01, these storytelling tours are complimentary, allowing you to delve into Tasmania’s history without any additional cost. Tours are available to the general public for $20. To ensure your spot on these extraordinary tours, please call 03 6210 7600 to enquire about availability.

Located in the heart of Hobart, MACq 01 is not just a hotel; it’s a gateway to the stories that shaped Tasmania. Conveniently situated, MACq 01 provides easy access to the starting points of the Storytelling Tours. Whether you’re stepping into the past with the 114 Doors Tour or venturing behind the scenes with Sticky Stones & Secrets, your journey begins just steps away from the comfort of MACq 01.

To enhance your Hobart experience, we invite you to book your accommodation at MACq 01. Immerse yourself in the charm of the city and seamlessly transition from the tales of Tasmania’s past to the luxurious comfort of your accommodations at MACq 01.

Uncover the stories, embrace the history, and make your journey in Hobart an unforgettable one. Book your stay at MACq 01 and let the tales of Tasmania unfold before your eyes.

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