Tasmanian Character Traits

Designed with an underlying emphasis on quality, each of the 114 rooms at MACq 01 is linked to a Tasmanian character and is picked up in the emotion behind their underlying character traits. The individual characters are divided into five personality traits and its these five different personalities that have inspired the interiors by Pike Withers, of the hotel room types.

Colourful and Quirky

Free spirited characters often conflicted, sometimes naughty and possibly ambiguous but never dull! Their eclectic rooms might be a little mismatched like the characters themselves. Here we use contrasting materials with flashes of colour, some shiny surfaces and bold and unexpected shapes.

Grounded Yet Exceptional

These humble Tasmanians are grounded and sophisticated at the same time. They are the essence of the earth, quiet achievers who go beyond expectations in a quiet and beautiful existence. Their rooms use raw and honest materials, simple yet highly crafted details using natural leathers, stories and patina brass.

Fighting Believers

Always fighting for their cause, these Tasmanian characters are straight and to the point. Their spirited intelligence constantly strives for a better future. Their environment is edgy yet sophisticated, not flashy. Their hopeful determination we interpret through a graduation of tone. They like to be comfortable in denim with no displays of flashy colour.

Curious and Creative

Open-minded innovators, perhaps at times with their head in the clouds, these people break from the norm. There is a lightness to these rooms, reflective surfaces and organic free form shapes help to create the sense of openness and innovation revealed by these characters.

Hearty and Resilient

These are the characters who did it tough and didn’t even realise it. Salt-of-the-earth types who are at home in a rugged and isolated environment. Raw materials, timbers, rusted steel, rope and chunky textures will create an earthy, warm space.

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