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In the diary of Reverend Knopwood, Tasmania's first Chaplain, he recorded that when he dined with his friends on 10th Oct, 1804, the "piece de resistance" was emu, which he considered to be "very excellent". For centuries before that, Tasmanian Aboriginal men hunted forrester kangaroos, the women skillfully targeted seals and dived for abalone and crayfish. The haul was shared around the fire, sharing anecdotes of the hunting expiditions and stories about the Dreaming. Tasmania's menus have changed dramatically over the years, but one thing has remained the same... we still love dining with friends.

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Our Restaurant

Through its design, Old Wharf Restaurant tells the story of industry in Tasmania, capturing the tough life of the early industrial pioneers in mining, whaling, fishing, boat building and farming. The hardy environment of those early days is reflected in the restaurant's raw and robust design elements, incorporating iodised steel and recycled wharf timbers. 

Led by Saffire Freycinet’s former Head Chef Simon Pockran, Old Wharf Restaurant's seafood focus perfectly complements the backdrop of passing cray boats. From the restaurant's dockside deck, you'll be in thanking distance of our hardy fishermen.

Locally sourced ingredients are delivered in a menu that hinges on Tasmania’s pure produce and latest catch. Opt for the Chef’s Table experience for five courses from the open-style kitchen served with stories of produce origin and some ripping Tassie yarns.

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Our Bar

The Story Bar is inspired by the egalitarian nature of Tasmanian society, where class divisions are less obvious. With this in mind, our bar team offer everything from draught beer to the finest wine and spirits in an enigmatic watering hole, adorned with newspaper headlines from decades past.

To truly understand Tasmania, one must know its people and how they interact - The Story Bar makes for an iconic backdrop.

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Room Service

We understand that some meals are best enjoyed within your own private walls - particularly when you can't put down your favourite book. We provide 24 hour Room Service every day of the week, so that our in-house restaurant can come to you, with a bountiful breakfast menu for lazy mornings and an à la carte menu for intimate evenings.

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Nearby Eateries

We are surrounded by the capital’s best restaurants and bars. Our café culture is humming too – follow the trail of city workers on their morning pilgrimage to Hobart's best brews. The sandstone warehouses of Salamanca Place whir with busy baristas. Enjoy a specialty coffee at Bright Eyes on the way to MONA or watch the world go by at Jam Packed Cafe.

Come nightfall, waterfront dining options are plentiful. Pull a chair up to South American-inspired plates at Frank, stay nearby and find out why our closest restaurant is named Peacock and Jones or surround yourself in iconic John Glover artwork at Landscape Resaurant & Grill.

Opening Hours

Old Wharf Restaurant

Monday to Sunday from 06:30 to 21:30


Monday to Sunday from 15:00 to 23:00

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