Hotel Facilities

Most early migrants to Tasmania, whether convict, bounty or full fare, travelled in very unglamourous wooden ships that were leaky, overcrowded and required constant pumping. You’ll be pleased to know the facilities we offer are significantly improved from those early travel conditions, but we’ll never forget those hearty and resilient folk who would become the pioneers of the Tasmanian spirit.


The Lounge is our special place – its open fire is our storytelling nucleus. A local stonemason crafted the fireplace with shared stories in mind. A pre-dinner crisp white with Pacific oysters often encourages fables to flow. The Lounge is trimmed with artefacts representative of the traditional Tasmanian Aboriginal toolkit and all have been made by Aboriginal people today, proudly decendant of the First Tasmanians.

Your Haven

Once inside your room, you may not wish to leave – and you won’t have to. Each of our rooms and suites offer a thorough inventory of facilities including in-room massage (subject to availability), dry cleaning, shoe shining, security safe, on-demand movies, games, room service, minibar, tea and coffee, complimentary WiFi and so much more!

Valet Parking

Simplify your arrival and departure from our hotel with our valet parking service, complimentary to all guests staying in suites and just $35 a day for guests staying in other room types. To secure valet parking during your stay, ask about our valet service upon booking your room or discuss with our team upon arrival.


MACq 01 was designed and built in 2017 with equal access a primary focus, closely following visual impairment and hearing aid specifications, from the elevator chimes to floor textures and buttons. All communal spaces within the hotel are wheelchair accessible, and there are six equal-access rooms and suites available on request. The team is educated on disability requirements and PEEP (personal emergency evacuation plans), and an evacuation chair is always ready for safe evacuation of guests that may require assistance. MACq 01 strives to break down the barriers to enjoying what Hobart’s waterfront has to offer, and our dedicated guest services team are always eager to hear from you with any queries or suggestions you may have. We’re committed to continuously improving in this space, as it’s imperative to us that Tasmania’s stories can be shared by all.

Stay in a Superior Hunter Street Accessible Room
Stay in a Premium Waterfront Accessible Suite

Tesla Destination Charging

We’re proud to announce the installation of Tesla Destination Charging at MACq 01. This kicks off a range of environmental initiatives being rolled out at MACq 01 over the next few months to encourage sustainable travel in to and around Tasmania… so stay tuned!


If you like the sound of ‘swinging with Sue,’ head to the gym. Sue Becker will take you on a swinging soirée. There are also free weights, running machines, bicycles and rowers. The gym can be found on the third floor, open at 6am for the early risers, through until 9pm. If you’d like a personal trainer to give you a MACq 01 push, just let us know. We can also point you in the direction of the nearby aquatic centre, as well as scenic walking and running trails.


Travel lighter and let us take care of your laundering needs. We offer self-service laundry facilities onsite so you can skip the bulky suitcase and know you can refresh your wardrobe with ease.

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