MAC01 Complex

Once a bustling wharf market, later a giant shipping shed… now a world-class waterfront visitor experience!

This charismatic complex is known as MAC01, the majority of which is occupied by our storytelling hotel, MACq 01 (note the addition of a distinguishing letter ‘q’).

The name of the complex (and our storytelling hotel) comes from our location on Macquarie Wharf. The shipping shed previously occupying this location, known as Macquarie 1, was removed and the complex was built as a replica with design enhancements.

Located in such close proximity to each other, the MACq 01 Hotel and MAC01 Complex seamlessly merge to create an unforgettable experience for visitors. The unique blend of heritage, innovation, and artistic expression in this complex is a reflection of Hobart itself.

Alongside our storytelling hotel, the MAC01 complex is host to some other exceptional Tasmanian offerings…

These offerings showcase the best of Tasmania’s rich culture, natural beauty, and culinary delights, adding to the overall allure of your visit.

With its prime location on the waterfront, the MAC01 Complex is not only a gateway to exploring Hobart but also an attraction in itself. As you wander through the complex, you’ll come to appreciate the harmonious blend of history, culture, and modernity. The stunning views of the harbour, the distinctive architecture, and the warm Tasmanian hospitality make the MAC01 Complex a must-visit destination.

Whether you’re a history enthusiast, a lover of art and culture, or simply seeking a delightful waterfront escape, this complex and the storytelling hotel it hosts are sure to exceed your expectations. Come, be captivated by the magic of MAC01 in Hobart, where history meets modernity and stories come to life. Book a stay at the MACq01 Hotel and start your journey today.